Free Degrees & Americans

After a refreshing dinner of veggies and more veggies, I entered an interesting conversation about higher education with a German lass studying abroad in Mexico. Once I heard that Americans can obtain their degrees for free in Germany, I did some immediate Googling. I can not believe that I had no idea about free public education overseas! Considering I love being abroad. I compiled a list of top countries offering programs, as well as some other exciting aspects. *Short post*


  • Germany: 900 or so undergraduate courses in English
    • Germany is in need of more skilled workers
    • U of Munich, U of Hamburg, and other PUBLIC institutions
  • Finland: 76 or so undergrad. programs taught in English
    • NOT free, but maximum is USD$14K
  • Sweden: Free PhD
  • Norway: No tuition for international students
    • Many programs taught in English
    • High cost of living
    • U of Oslo, U of Bergen (for instance)
  • Slovenia: Roughly 150 English programs
    • Intl. students pay small enrollment fee
  • Brazil: Some English programs
    • Small enrollment fee


Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico


  • College of the Ozarks: Missouri. Requirement of work/study
  • Berea College: Kentucky. Requirement of work/study
  • Curtis Institute of Music: Pennsylvania. You better have a kick ass audition!
  • Alice Lloyd College: Kentucky. Must be a resident of KY, OH, VA, WVA, TN. Required work/study
  • Webb Institute: NY
  • Deep Springs College: California. Men only. Two year institute with cattle ranch and alfalfa farm
  • US Military Academy: West Point, NY. Required military service as well as participating in a sport every semester
  • US Coast Guard: Connecticut. Post graduate service
  • US Naval Academy: Maryland. Post graduate service
  • US Air Force Academy: Colorado. Post graduate service
  • US Merchant Marines: New York. Post graduate service



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