Fave Places on the Planet

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  • Where: South East Asia
  • Fun Fact: Includes Angkor Tom and Bayon Temple → site location for Tomb Raider
  • Memorables: The feeling I got when walking up the main promenade, over the water that created a moat. Angkor Wat is stunningly massive and I felt as though I would delve into its secrets and possibly never return. Albeit a fleeting thought, I remember it almost a decade later!
Steps to Heaven, Angkor

Wadi Rum, Jordan

  • Where: Middle East
  • Fun Fact: Bedouins have been paralleling life on Mars, here, for two thousand years!
  • Memorables: We stumbled upon the magic of Wadi Rum while in Jordan, primarily to see Petra. Wadi Rum was a memorable surprise wherein we connected with a Bedouin family in the middle of the desert, where we spoke in universal body language and loud sips, appreciative sips of mint tea. We saw thousand year old petroglyphs and ATV’d the crap out of this wonderland.
Running Up to See Petrogylphs

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

  • Where: Central America
  • Fun Fact: Learn to scuba dive in both the deepest and highest altitude in Meso-America!
  • Memorables: Going to sleep to the sounds of the forest and waking up to the sun rising between the crevasse of two volcanoes. This is a natural haven.
View from La Iguana Perdida

Semuc Champey

Kotor, Montenegro

  • Where: Former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe
  • Fun Fact: Cars are not allowed within the walls of the ancient, fortressed city.
  • Memorables: Deciding to flag down a taxi and ask if he could drive us around for a few hours, with little more detail than that. He drove us through circuitous, snow capped mountains with the sides of the roads littered with wild cows! The blue of the Adriatic sea, from so high in the clouds, was one of the more serene experiences I’ve ever had. Then we drove through a vacant town with the exception of one older gentleman selling his own red wine, which we drank, drowsy with happiness.
Homemade Vino & Beauty

Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua

  • Where: Pacific, Central America
  • Fun Fact: With one dirt road, a few basic hostels and places for grub, the only reason for being here is to surf. 24/7.
  • Memorables: Upon seeing the beaten up pink panther sign off the side of the road, the chicken bus slowed for us to disembark from the exit door in the back. The ancient school bus didn’t come to a full stop, so we had to rush to get our bags amongst everything from actual chickens to cinderblocks to grab our bags and run. The trek to Popoyo, we were told, would be something like 25 minutes of crazy. We walked in the scorching sun through brittle foliage until we hit the salt marshes and saw how some Nicaraguense made their living, then we crossed a dainty bridge just to wade through belly-button level water, with bags above our heads until we hit that one main dirt road. #Real.
Playa Popoyo at Dusk

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Where: Northwest USA
  • Fun Fact: The Great Tetons and Yellowstone…need I say more?
  • Memorables: Following a full day of Yellowstoning, we went back to our accommodations that were a spattering of cabins in the forest amongst the wildest animals in America; IE my beloved Great American Bison. As we were relaxing with tea on the front porch, watching the skies descend into deep darkness, we heard a bout of laughter. We walked toward the happiness, as people will, and saw a fire pit with some of the guests we’d been seeing here and there around the cabins. Forgot that it was communal steak night! We had the freest range steak under the wide open sky, enveloped in the most stars we’d ever seen and getting to know the others in the cabins. This was almost fifteen years ago, as in I may have possibly been newly double digits, and it’s as vivid a memory as if it were yesterday.

**Featured Image Copyright: Leonard Kehl


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