8 Cities That Make Your U.S. Roadtrip Way More Interesting | Pt. 2 |

St. Louie seemed like a cool stop on the U.S. trip, primarily because of its major role in the Sex and the City movie ( a brief nod to Jennifer Hudson). Besides its fame as being the place where the U.S. East meets West, its placement along the trail of Lewis and Clark, and the arch — St. Louis didn’t mean all that much to me. But, those damned toasted ravioli drew me in.

The Museum

Me and Mom pranced around the arch for about a half hour and then looked at each other, confused about what else we should be doing. The Mississippi River flows through St. Louis and there is a super cool, old-fashioned steamboat ride that I would recommend, but otherwise we seemed to still be looking for the real pull. We meandered aimlessly for a time before settling into a restaurant for a late lunch, whereupon we spoke of tornado alley and toasted ravs with the server. To our combined astonishment, the server mentions the super dope museum underneath the arch.


Da Museum

We beg for more information and find out that all the aimless walking we were doing, we walked right up, down, and past this low-key famous museum underground. We asked, were there signs? Have we gone blind? Are we already so tired of each other that we can’t act right? The Gateway to the West museum is pretty dope, as far as museums go. The exhibits are life-size, engaging and often virtual. Unfortunately, it’s under construction for the remainder of 2016 and will hopefully be back up and running in 2017. So go there …but give it a smidgen of time.

A Final St. Louie Note

Doubtful you’ll stay in St. Louis for more than two days and one night (unless you have family in the area and you’re doing a whole shebang). BUT, don’t let the negligible amount of time you need deter you from making the stop. Spending any amount of time in such a significant place in America’s history is cool enough in itself (IMO)!


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