8 U.S. Cities That Make Your Roadtrip Way More Interesting | Pt. 3 |

Let’s face it, Mom’s a baby boomer, so a love of Elvis Presley is sensible. A given, even. Honestly, this is what necessitated the roadtrip in the first place, so here we are. Graceland, aptly named, is the mini-world that is all things Presley related. His home, his jet named Lisa Marie, and entirely strange strip mall type tourist trap, for instance. It all made sense once we were actually there, but in the days leading up to it, I was highly reluctant. But since we were on a roll in seeing the former homes of musical prodigies, I figured this was another sensible move.

Here’s Pt. 1 of this series, for your viewing pleasure

Graceland is a world of 1960s wonderment and nostalgia. Elvis’ home is left in the way it was, complete with mod aesthetic, his home recording studio, and his immense hallway of all awards. This particular hallway is super impressive in my most humble and unassuming opinion. With the insane amount of awards, memorabilia, and even glimpses into his altruism (many checks sent to charities were framed), it was awesome to envision him in a different light. The hallway of Presley enchantment, as I will forever refer to it, will remain as my most favored place in his memorialized home. (No, not even the jet named after his daughter comes close).

Hallway of Presley Enchantment

Graceland is Elvis’ final resting place, along with several members of his family. The back garden is complete with nice landscaping and a somber mood. It’s all very touching; I even saw some tears aflowin’. Once you cross the street however, things get lightly tacky. Sorry, not sorry. There are creepily vacant shops to buy any sort of Elvis and/or Graceland sh*t, like mugs and tshirts. #eyeRoll. Anyway — the private jet was parked right next to this awkward strip mall situation and it’s relatively velvety inside. Again, the quintessential American roadtrip would be incomplete if there were no stops at randomly tacky, touristy spots.

A Final Note on Graceland

If you’re in town, you might as well make the stop. Elvis is a staple in US history, musically speaking, so it’s worth it to take a stroll down memory lane. Honorable mention in semi-nearby Nashville!! Belle Mead Plantation Winery


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