Glowing on the Going | Updated!

If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’ve been exposed to the travel-body-woes. Dry skin, bloating, irregularity in menstruation, consistently breathing in recycled air, bugs, mites, and who knows what else. Once you’re off the plane, the issues don’t just cease to exist either. Annoyingly, they probably exacerbate depending on the climate you’ll find yourself in, amount of air pollution and free radicals, and all that typical jazz.

The following is a short list of convenient ways to keep yourself at least, presentable, whilst on the road. For trips two weeks or less, these ideas are probably not all that necessary, but longer trips could necessitate familiarizing yourself with these little goodies.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It excretes waste via sweat and drops off dead skin cells, but sometimes a little help goes a long way.

  • Weekly dry bushing or exfoliating keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. Use a vegetable brush or pumice stone, moisten skin, and slough off that deadness. Then bathe (Obviously don’t scrub too hard…it’s your body, I hope you know what to do here).
  • Keep the used coffee grounds after a pot or Keurig is made. This should present no problem even if you’re staying in an accommodation where coffee is made for you; simply ask. *In lieu of grounds, use sea salt or brown sugar
    • Pinch of grounds with some oil (coconut, jojoba, olive, etc) or soap (Dr. Bronner’s preferably) for FACE

    • Rest of the body can handle as much grounds as you want; make sure your skin is a little moistened.

  • When I was on the road recently, I had several terrible bouts of bed bugs. Luckily, I’m a regular walking apothecary, so I made a concoction that I rubbed on the bites overnight. Not only on my myself, but my wonderful friend Lauren who had the same situation. Being allergic to all bites, I typically swell up profusely and after a night, I only had pinpricks for the bite location and zero itch. #Win.
    • As pictured above, I mashed this all up (eyeballed the measurements) and made a paste: turmeric powder, tea tree oil, lavender oil, baking soda, water, cinnamon (yes I travel with my own bottle), citronella oil, lemongrass oil, water
    • Speaking of these oils, they’re all excellent if you want to make your own bug repellent 🙂
    • Yes, I had all these ingredients on me


  • Living in the tropics for a month and suddenly moving to a mountainous, basically cold climate; I started to feel flu symptoms. This experiment below healed me up within five days.

    • Bring water to a boil, (again, I eyeballed) introduce honey, fresh lemon juice, lots of ginger into the hot water. Pour into an all-day water bottle and this will be your only beverage until you’re healed.

    • Drink as often as possible and it doesn’t need to remain heated the entire day (hoped this was clear, but one never knows) as the heat is to release the enzymes from the lemon and ginger initially.

    • REST. Lay it the hell down. Listen to the body.

    • If you’re sinuses are all clogged, boil some hot water and insert 3-5 drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil. Put that face over the pot once it’s gotten to a boil and put a nice big cloth over your head (and the pot) and breathe, breathe, breathe.


  • Worse than bed bugs you might ask? Scabies. All over my face. Just, absolutely foul. Although I needed prescribed medication to kill the parasite (which, I now know that it can also be warded off with 1-3tbls/day of coconut oil) I did not obtain the topical cream. Instead, I diluted tea tree oil with water and simply sprayed it on my face throughout the day. The scabs actually fell off within three days and I have no scar, which was my big fear!


    Over the course of 2 days with consistent tea tree oil spray


  • Dandruff? Yea, this can eventually happen with a lot of travel, changes in water, constant in and out of the ocean and so on. Nothing gets easier than this elixir.

    • Shampoo — baking soda + water. Put ONLY on your scalp, not your hair strands as they’ll dry the hell out. Leave on scalp as you do other shower activities

    • Optional conditioner — Apple cider vinegar + water (1:4). This can be put all over, under, on, and around hair strands and scalp. The smell will wash out.

    • Feel free to add oils, if you have them handy, to this. Tea tree, lavender, bergamot, neem, castor, rosemary, etc.

    • Wet brush


  • Tea tree/melaleuca oil. Just wow, I have been using this oil since birth, thanks again to you know who. It is a wonderful healing oil that also prevents scarring. It was used by soldiers before the advent of penicillin, so you can definitely use it for your scrapes, burns, acne, dandruff, skin reactions, fungus, everything. This oil can be used as spot treatment, I rarely dilute.
  • Lavender oil. Any issues can be soothed with this oil from restlessness, insomnia, to pain relief, and digestion trouble. Again, does not need to be diluted.

  • Grapefruit oil . Keeps metabolism in check
  • Lemon oil. Disinfectant, hand sanitizer, mood booster
  • 4 Thieves oil OR oil of oregano. Boost immunity, good for planes/congested areas, hostels, being around lots of humans
    • 1 drop on soles of feet or wrist and rub in thoroughly (oregano is very potent, use only one drop)
    • Transdermal application is the fastest way for the good stuff to reach your bloodstream and clarify your system!
  • Turmeric. Keeps ya ass healthy!
    • Good to make a paste for super itchy skin reactions of any sort (mix with water, TTO)
  • Bentonite Clay. This clay is great for all sorts of detoxification. It can be used to brush teeth, as a face mask, hair mask, skin reaction paste, etc.
  • Food Grade DE. Since my bed bug year, I have always taken a small ziploc bag of this with me on travels. It looks like baking soda and to bugs, feels like sharp knives cutting through their exoskeletons. I sprinkle a bit of this around door frames, windows, and the bed to ensure no bed bugs/roaches pass and crawl on my exfoliated skin. It can also be ingested, which I do after every trip, to get rid of any possible parasites.

Safe Travels!



3 thoughts on “Glowing on the Going | Updated!

  1. LOVE this post! This is going to be so useful the next time I travel. I love using essential oils because they have so many possible uses. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Absolutely!! So good. You can also make your own “emergenC” for planes– it’s almost like 4 Thiefs oil but instead of rosemary, I use one drop of oregano.

      So I get a roll on and put in:: lemon, oregano, clove & lavender. Keeps that immunity high as a kite!


  2. LOVE this post! This is going to be so useful the next time I travel. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Essential oils are the best, you can seriously use them for everything.


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