31 Dope Apps for the Traveler

Well, well, well, here we are again 🙂 As I’m about to embark on a new life chapter, I thought it appropriate to dole out some tips that I use personally, in the form of apps. Of course, what else is as millennially annoying as a phone full of apps? Little. Diving in:

Travel – Let’s Get the Obvious Out of the Way

  • Weather
    • Powered by Apple, nothing fancy, & allows one to keep a long queue of cities |clutch & free|
  • Google Maps
    • Also, unfancy EXCEPT for its ability to download a map for offline usage. It takes up space, but has a time limit of a month or you can delete it at your own peril. ALSO, the dot on this map of your location does work offline as you’re in transit, but doesn’t specify much beyond where you are generally in the world. |Free|
  • TripCase or TripIt 
    • When you email your final trip confirmation to mytrips@tripcase.com – it keeps all your frequent travel in one tidy place. Keeping you updated on gate changes and maps of terminals.
  • AirBnB
    • This should be fairly evident |Free|
  • Skyscanner
    • I like using this to get a gauge of how much flights are going for and I also like their flexible option, where I can just be pointed in the right direction of quality spots to hit on the globe. |Free|
  • Duolingo
    • I love this app! Except for when I skip a day of Spanish and suddenly it’s been two weeks and I feel like a failure, but what can I say? This is a free language study app that doesn’t have every language, but it’s got very common ones: IE, French, German, Hebrew, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Triposo
    • Similar to a guidebook, but for something like $2.99 |I know, I know|, you can download guides ranging from a specific city to a region to a country. The guides can later be deleted to save on space and voila – it’s lit. |unfree|
  • Google Translate
    • Again, offline downloads are an option and this makes everything more lit |Free|
  • SmartTraveler
    • Offered by the US Dpt. of State and has information on every country and territory that you might be heading to for ease & convenience on your part
  • Convert
    • Can convert things from currency, temperature, volume, to pressure and all the things. |Free|
  • Couchsurfing
    • Where I can find verifiable people to host me from an evening to a fortnight on their couch, in their spare room, and once even in a burgeoning hostel to test it out. |Free|
  • TripAdvisor
    • I love to rate things and I also value the ratings of others. So I like to check this instead of wandering around aimlessly until starving to find a quality place to eat within my parameters. |Free|
  • Travel Massive
    • Not an actual app, I just put the webpage onto my browser. This is a culmination of cities that have communities of transplants, expats, travelers, etc who would like to do the same sorts of things with others of like mind
  • Been
    • Digital map of the world & US that allows you to keep track of the places you’ve been |Free|
  • Hopper
    • Another airline scouring engine that I compare Skyscanner to. |Free|
  • Clever Layover
    • Not an app and this is used to help you find the longest layovers for long haul flights. This is helpful to 1. get you more rewards miles and 2. have the good fortune of getting an extra set of hours in a place you wouldn’t have expected on your journey.
  • HostelWorld
    • Should be clear — a place to reserve a spot in a hostel. |Free|
  • Bla Bla Car
    • A way to get from A to B by carpooling with others. Like, digital hitchhiking if you will. |Free|
  • Priority Pass
    • Specific to those Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders to easily find an airport lounge

In Rotation

Reading Materials

  • Kindle |Free|
  • Cloud Library
    • Downloading books from my local, US library on the sneak. |Free, but must have a participating library + card|
  • iBooks |Free with iPhone|
  • Goodreads
    • I like reading challenges & keeping up with recommendations from friends. Going back to my enjoyment in all things ratings. |Free|
  • BookBub
    • Mad book deals from Free to $2.99
  • Pocket
    • I LOVE THIS APP. After adding its push button to the sharing sequence on Safari — one can save any article/PDF to pocket and read at a later date, offline, in order.

Transit Life

  • Uber
    • If you don’t have this by now, try life again. |Free|
  • Forever Map
    • Specific maps that can be used offline, without download |although I’m still comparing with Google & free|
  • Via & NJ Transit



4 thoughts on “31 Dope Apps for the Traveler

  1. Fantastic list! I love Pocket too, it’s perfect for those long hours of waiting. I’d recommend Memrise for language learning. EatWith and Withlocals if you want to dine with the locals in your travel destination.


  2. This was interesting and helpful for my future trips! Thanks for sharing I’m def going to download Duolingo, Been, and Bla Bla Car.


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