Top 10 Natural Locales I’ve Seen

Below is a visual list of some of the most stunning and otherwise, lit, places I’ve had the fortune of experiencing. (Not in any order & all photos are mine unless noted)

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


I know I Know, EVERYONE and their mother are going to Iceland for a weekend jaunt. It’s the new hotspot and with that often comes lots of construction. A resort is being built literally on top of the Blue Lagoon and no more will it be relatively uncrowded and joyous. I suggest going sooner than later if feasible

Azul Cenote, Mexico


Cenotes are those spiritually mythical places ensconced along Playa del Carmen. They’re natural sinkholes that house stunning marine wildlife and a great way to get your feet suckled by little fishes that enjoy that type of nonsense. IMO, this is the best one and get there by 0800! Seriously.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wow. Once submerged entirely and now essentially run by bedouins, this vast desert is a natural masterpiece that still isn’t filled to the brim with tourists. Hire a Bedouin and take on the giant dunes with his ATV whilst goProing. It’s lit, you’re welcome.

Haleakala, Hawaii

A very alive volcano on the Big Island where one can wake up at 0400 to catch a frigid sunrise. WORTH IT. On the circuitous route up the mountain, not only did we see shooting stars with a frequency that the actual universe may have forgotten to turn them off, but we saw a wildfire from above, moving in a straight line to be controlled by the fire department. Bring lots of layers because it’s cold up there at the top at such an early time.



Actual Ferngully + Jurassic Park. This Australian state can’t be real, even though I’ve trekked *what feels like* all over it. From Freycinet National Park to St Columba Falls, Bridestowe, and Bruny Island. This place is wonderland.

US Midwest: Yellowstone, Black Hills, Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park

The magic that is the Western United States have been the sacred lands of Native Americans for generations. Aside from its natural beauty from weathering and erosion, the energy you can feel emanating from these mountainous ranges are palpable. If you can muster it – get out of your rental cars to take more than pictures. Consider camping, biking, hiking – EXPERIENCE its grandeur.

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Getting here isn’t the easiest thing you’ll ever do, but it might be the most memorable! Natural, freshwater pools that sit on one another, deep in the rainforest and have been used by the Mayans for centuries. ‘Semuc Champey’ is Nahuatl and you may not even find Spanish to be the most common language, but this Mayan dialect I just mentioned. Bonus points if you make it to the cave system and use a single diminishing candle to guide you through hip-deep, freezing water and darkness.

Tipperary, Ireland

Really, all of Ireland is lit and worth a scenic visit. But the copious shades of green that blanket the rolling hills are breathtaking. The sunsets (which I’m not even into) are gorgeous and worth a porch-sit with an ice cold in hand.

Kotor, Montenegro

Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean weather + food, affordable, centuries old fortressed city, no cars allowed, cobblestone streets, sidewalk-made vino, random cows. Okay, goodnight.

Sorrento, Italy.

Southern Italy will always be on a list. So, I’m finished. Enjoy some 2017 travel.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Natural Locales I’ve Seen

  1. Hey,
    You have seen some of the most beautiful sites from all over the lucky you are!!
    The fact that I have also seen some of the most beautiful sites in the world, with you, kinda makes me just a wee bit luckier….


  2. Hi! My name is Genesis Liu. I’m Faith’s mom. I was introduced to your great journeys and life experiences by your father, who I must say is a very warm, welcoming and intelligent gentlemen. My daughter has started following you and you have given her and myself, as well as my husband an inspirational feeling. And, we have hope that our little girl will be ok, especially if she continues to follow great role models like yourself.

    I am American was 3 of the most recent words we’ve read on your blog and that made us feel powerful at our dinner table during our discussions about our days.

    I am Black and my husband is Chinese and sometimes Faith finds it really hard to blend in. Faith is 11 years old. 3.9 GPA, was President at Nellie K. Parker Elementary School, Gifted & Talented and Enrichment Classes. She loves reading and writing. Her hobbies are dancing and helping less fortunate children. She’s accomplished so much in her young years, but I’ll let her reach out to you herself. She’s very excited to be following and reading about your thoughts and adventures.

    My husband is facing some unfortunate times with Stage 4 cancer and your blog has started to help myself and Faith in keeping our minds busy and encouraged.

    Thank you for all you do. You are a fabulous inspiration for all ages.

    Love always
    Genesis, Chun & Faith


    1. Wow Genesis, What an absolutely wonderful message to read. It’s typical that Sim would be the origination of a friendship that I’d make from afar! It sounds like you have a loving & engaged family, something I can both relate to and take very seriously. Faith, essentially, sounds just like me when I was at Parker! If Miss West is still there — she can regale some stories! Nonetheless, I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to send Faith a postcard throughout the year. Feel free to either give Sim your address for me or send it to (me). I understand more than you might think about dealing with The Big C and it’s imperative that your mindsets stay up and you see exactly what you want to be revealed in the physical – see him as healthy as possible. I’m speechless that my blog has any effect whatsoever on your capacity to deal with the goings on in your life – but I am so so heartened that you’ve reached out and that you find solace in them somehow. I’ll do my best to keep them coming


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