Thank You Facebook

If you’re female and you’re fixin to travel, then you need to join the Facebook group: Girls Love Travel. Reactivate that dusty ass Facebook and let’s get it.

No, GLT doesn’t pay me or know about this post in any way, but I’m compelled to tell the populous about them. It all began on a rainy Melbourne afternoon, sipping that deliciously curated black coffee.


Of the 300.5K FB members, I figured someone was in Melbourne. Within minutes I got pings from ladies in and around the city offering to meet up, head to a street festival together, pick me and Mom up to have coffee, and go to museums together, etc etc. We met with Ana (name change) at a cafe on a balmy Thursday. A French, shockingly humble backpacker that was visiting a family she’d once lived with right outside Melbourne; rode the rails to come see little ol us. We settled in nicely for another long black, short white, and cappuccino. Talking easily about travel, culture, and, suddenly two hours had sprinted by. Even a rainstorm came and went without even a cursory glance from us. The awkwardness that usually comes with parting after just meeting, equally awkwardly because it was via the internet — never arose and just seamlessly paid and started some light sightseeing. Hit a dope church and Fitzroy Gardens, took pics, and waved goodbye. It was such an easy and natural union that we were left a bit confused – is it this easy?

After that sumptuous experience, MP and me were left wanting a bit. How far could we go with this? We had an upcoming airbnb in Adelaide, but (due to me) waited a bit on transport. I figured we could easily rent a whip and hit the Great Ocean Road — then I found out the GOR that we really waned to see was only 2h out of a total 10h — I balked. Shit. Unexpected twist. To GLT I went and posted a pregunta about transit to Radelaide in March; hoping MP wouldn’t realize my medium key faux pas.

25 responses in less than a few hours. Ayyeee. One stood out, though, for a reason I’ll never really consciously know, but a certain P.B. told us we should fly and that she’d meet us at the airport should we actually be real humans IRL. She and I chatted a bit before hitting that direct message and | before even a first date | we were Whatsapping heavy. Flights booked, we comin.

First things first, P.B. ensured through me that MP didn’t care about her lesbihonest proclivities because she’d be picking us up with her girl, Wally. *For the record, MP nor I care about anyones’ sexual orientations – as long as you enjoy Harry Potter, it’s all gravy. P.B. and Wally were right where they said they’d be with an empty trunk and arms open for the embrace. They drove us to brunch. IMG_7524

We rolled into a delicious parallel park (how this happens so seamlessly in any city baffles me incessantly) and got fantastic breakfast. Skipping small talk, we went straight to the good and gritty. Again, time flew and they invited us to a little house gathering with pizza later that evening with their friends. You may be thinking, I wonder if MP might feel out of place at a millennially hipster apartment partyau contraire! We spent another several hours, where we finally realized that GLT

For the next week, our schedule went something like this:

  • Get picked up by Wally in the morning at our suburban, slightly racist airbnb shared (oops) home accommodation.
    • She always had our coffees waiting for us in the car, #blezzHer
  • Tool around for food, beach, wineries, litness, & chatter, where we would again bicker over who pays the bill
  • Girls teach MP how to roll ciggies
  • Run into friends of Wally & P.B.’s, the girls go to work and we do walkabouts
  • Wally tries to lend us her car, but our manual driving skills on the opposite side of the road are abysmally subpar, so we quietly return the car to its curbside residence
  • Resume activities in the evening where we find P.B. at her evening shift at Fringe Fest and proceed to get lit (*Go see Blanc de Blanc!)
  • Repeat

We had such a wonderful time with these two ladies; I just can’t say enough. They cared for us in a way that would be shockingly uncommon in the cities of the States. They remain great friends of ours and I plan to catch up with them on the road in the coming months. Ready and willing to pay back all their goodwill. Love yall




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